For help, chat here.
9/28/2011 10:36:29 pm

Hey there.
(hope this is the right section for it)
I was surfing through the web and found a pic of red pony and I hardly can remember that I might have seen it in the titlescreen when PS just cam out.
Just wanna know if you or any1 else got any information about this guard?


9/28/2011 10:43:14 pm

Sry 4 double post, forgot to add a link to the pic:

9/30/2011 08:37:58 am

@2L8 I don't know much about it, but I think no one has ever gotten it.

9/30/2011 09:28:13 pm

how do u beat the first 8 broodlings im really stuck im lv 33 now please reply

10/1/2011 04:37:32 am

@Kevan Use the stats to beat the Water Brood: 100MDEF rest MATK learn Innerstrike

10/2/2011 07:09:49 am

Hey , I'm a lvl 42 , leader of the clan "The Pride" and I can't seem to beat the water dragon .
Any help ?

10/3/2011 05:45:02 am

how do u beat bombaman both in d.r .x lab

10/3/2011 12:11:45 pm

@HexedNinja The easiest way to beat it is DARKWIZARD

10/3/2011 12:27:39 pm

@Kevan Try using these; Bombaman 1 - Bulbhead 110mdef rest matk...
Bombaman 2 - Bulbhead 80mdef 230matk rest spd (Shane's stats, not mine)

Ciil lv46
10/12/2011 08:13:44 am

Dreads help??

10/13/2011 10:31:27 pm

Heya (yeah, its me again :P )
Got some thoughts about the Buster (CS Update from the T-02).
His skills are not kinda transparently like other skills wich you have to unlock on other guards. Does this mean his elemental skill are not kategorised as a special skill? And if so, does this mean he dont have to need any INT to use "the right" skill?

10/14/2011 08:15:08 am

@2L8 Hiya,
If it is not transparent, then it is a skill that it already knows and will use everytime against a certain element.

Bots generally do not need INT. If you look at the T-01 and T-02, they already had learned all the skills, hence why the INT is at 1.

10/14/2011 08:18:56 am

@Ciil lv46 I had used a T-01 with Flash unit for dread.If you use:
155SPD, 100MDEF, rest MATK (with SPEED IMPRINT 2)


165SPD, 100MDEF, rest MATK (with SPEED IMPRINT 1) may be able to beat it.

10/15/2011 12:19:02 am

what about outcast without Thor but using bulbfighter or reindeer

10/15/2011 11:25:27 am

Hi i was wondering if anyone else was having a problem with the messaging system on PS

10/21/2011 05:59:08 am

@Ciil I believe Outcast can be beaten by BULBFIGHTER and REINDEER. I am not quite sure what was the minimum level for these guards.

11/4/2011 04:35:27 am

Last guard stuck Choas I have flash and reindeer and I'm lv 48 so any help

11/8/2011 12:17:57 am

Hey guys how do you beat dark summoner lvl 30

11/12/2011 03:47:45 am

@Ciil If you have Flash Bot use 175SPD 100MDEF rest MATK (after adding imprints)

11/12/2011 03:48:17 am

@Bigbadrubberpig What does the Dark Summoner LVL30 use again?

11/12/2011 08:40:15 pm

would if be 100% defet using a bulbfighter against outcast

11/14/2011 11:46:25 am

@phoenix Depends on your level

11/15/2011 02:55:53 am

What is the lowest level to beat choas using a t-01

11/15/2011 10:51:21 am

@Ridda I think it may be level 48 or 47

11/16/2011 01:17:33 am

Thanks but do you know the stats since im level 47 and do you know to the stats to defeat dread using t-01

11/19/2011 12:46:56 pm

@Ridda It should be the same stats to beat chaos

175SPD 100MDEF rest MATK

11/21/2011 06:18:29 am

how do you beat monki lv 47
Thank you
for helping me

11/22/2011 10:32:09 am

@erika-me too! my friend said that outcast with 500 spd and rest matk with power 2 imprint works but i dont have outcast :(

11/23/2011 01:45:56 am

you can use black shadow with 100matk rest speed or skinaza but i dont know stats

Tangy melon
11/23/2011 07:40:14 am

how do u beat red knight in the vertex

11/23/2011 07:40:21 am

i need skinnza stats unless red shadow works to beat monki now i would buy shadow but i need to save for thor so i can beat chaos

11/23/2011 10:35:11 pm

@shadowdemon9427 & others

A clanmate told to put 435 in SPD and the Rest in Matk with a Power 2 Imp for Skiinaa and It worked for me (Lv 47).
And for the 50s Monkey 525 in SPD and Rest in Matk (couldnt test this one yet.

11/24/2011 01:19:11 am

@Tangy melon
you use bulbhead or pirncess
but I forgottten stats also depends on your level

11/25/2011 03:58:03 am

@Erika I used T-02 Assault. If you can get the bot, it might work. Other guards you can use would be Wind Dragon, since it is a wind guard (cancels MONKI's wind skill)

11/25/2011 04:00:50 am

@Erika @shadowdemon9427 I wouldn't recommend using MAGICAL GUARDS. Riida had made it so that MONKI can use its SPECIAL SKILLS (AIR STRIKE)

11/25/2011 05:39:04 am

its ok, the shadow thing worked (with luck that monki didnt use air strike) also I found this really cool way to beat outcast at level 47 with a non clan shop guard it's a woodlord with 75 in each def rest matk and a power 2 imprint works 25% (1/4th) of the time :)

Tangy Melon
11/25/2011 10:47:55 am

@erika and others wat stat for bulbhead

11/26/2011 10:48:11 am

@tangy mellon: 230 matk,180 mdef, then the rest in spped with a speed imprint 1 or 2

also my stats to beat outcast at level 47 are possible at level 45 but its only like 2% chance (1/50)
P.s. 74 in each def works better and this includes bonuses :)

11/26/2011 10:46:44 pm

is it possible to use woodi on green night

11/27/2011 04:44:06 am

@nick- no cuz I think knight has a fire move

11/27/2011 05:48:54 am

just wondering if i can use green magiman or and guard with electricity of codi

11/27/2011 05:51:36 am

*on codi
also do you know stats to defeat choas using thor because t-01 is not enough

11/28/2011 05:59:48 am

has anyone collected 5 beast teeth? what guard does it summon?

11/28/2011 10:47:54 am

for codi use an avini and learn its special move then give it 75 into each def and the rest into magic attack. then give it a knowledge 2 imprint so it uses its special move and u win or lose depending on if it uses it or not... this is for level 45 btw

11/29/2011 01:55:58 am

@shadowdemon9427 it summons codi if you get 5 codi teeths and there's also suri and two more i think also does the avini works at lv 53 codi since im lv 47 and tried outcast nearly one

11/29/2011 03:13:33 am

What is an avini? Can't seem to find it anywhere.

11/29/2011 03:19:39 am

@Mord avini is a transformation from pas i think

11/29/2011 03:49:23 am

@erica yea aveni is transformed pas and you problably have 200 spirits of pas cuz thats what people grind when they are noobs, lol, but idk if it works on the level 53 one cuz i only beat the level 50 one

p.s. im level 47 too

11/29/2011 03:49:48 am

@Erika Thanx, found it

11/29/2011 03:51:08 am

Have either of you seen Codi use other then water and physical attacks? Maybe a stronger group type to protect from the water attacks would work better.

11/29/2011 03:51:36 am

-ground type-

11/29/2011 05:00:03 am

@Erika CODI and SURI are the only two beasts

11/29/2011 05:00:49 am

@Mord CODI only uses WATER and NORMAL skills. You can find him in the WATER section on this site

11/29/2011 05:12:02 am

WHAT !!!
anyway its not possible to beat suri lv 55 at 47 soon to be 48

11/30/2011 01:33:21 am

where do you get firebo ?

11/30/2011 01:44:44 am

Hey you made a mistake on firebo you get him on disciple

11/30/2011 01:54:32 am

sorry im confused and i meant to say you get spirit dust from disciple ? i think
sorry !!!

Tangy melon
11/30/2011 09:06:09 am

how do u beat rainbowfox 42

12/1/2011 01:31:51 am

@Tangy Melon
you can either use shadow 100 matk rest speed but have to be very lucky or wicked or werewolf

12/2/2011 05:36:43 am

@tangy (and erica): shadow doesnt work on rainbowfox cuz he has a base dark type move he uses: i use the basic wicked (about 175 attck and about 500 speed) to beat him

12/3/2011 12:24:41 am


Wind dragon kills monkis no problem it use trick or smach all the time just put all in speed with imp spd 2

12/3/2011 02:44:24 am

@cififit: yea but most people only have 1 wind dragon cuz it's hard to get and it's not worth the 8 dragon hearts when you have a 25% chance with a red shadow

12/3/2011 02:44:35 am

@shaodowdemon9427 nice thinking and that is true. But i have no idea what to use for suiri or what level to beat it lv 55 btw

12/3/2011 03:02:41 am

Suri is hard to beat i tryed almost killed it then it double atks

Tangy Mrlon
12/3/2011 06:55:44 am

how about the warriors of darkness

Tangy Melon
12/3/2011 07:34:34 am

im lvl 41

12/3/2011 08:25:28 am

Maybe it also depends you can use bulbfighter,princess,to-1 and it might take a few trys but i dont know.

12/3/2011 08:45:43 am

im thinking an outcast could beat it or maybe a witch with a speed build but then again codi also has another weakness: ground and a grass type has resist to water so maybe a grass type with ground or electric attacks could beat it with high def and some mdef rest magical attack (aveni and lampostraw anyone?) I'll tun some tests and report back...

12/3/2011 12:00:06 pm

How do i kill suri

12/3/2011 12:23:28 pm

Bulbfither kills 3 of the darkwarriors at 44 150 def 90 mdef rest matk with imp def 2
Princess kills netorious at 44 110 matk rest speed with imp 2

12/3/2011 08:16:23 pm

@Cififit what level are you.

12/3/2011 11:56:26 pm

Lvl 44

12/4/2011 12:39:08 am

@cififit: ok so u lowered it to level 44 but you raised the cost of it to 50,000 credits from my 6,000 and it requires level 6 clan shop where as mine only needs level 2

test reports on codi: lampostraw and aveni both beat him with 65 in each def and learn thier strongest move with a knowladge 2 imprint and rest into magical attack at level 47 (my level) with luck

12/4/2011 01:37:38 am

Um im not really sure since i can't really beat it but tell me what guards and stats you used and i'll test it out if it works at level 49 since im level 49
i dont think anyone at lv 44 has beaten it or anyone under lv 50

12/4/2011 07:01:15 am

Which one ?

12/4/2011 10:11:21 am

@Cififit I don't think you'l be able to beat SURI, but what people have been using are FIREGUARD, and KNIGHT.

12/4/2011 12:18:40 pm

I know what sts for night

12/5/2011 02:23:23 am

Tell me the stats and i test it out
and i will show the results

12/5/2011 02:24:11 am

Hi what are the princess stats to beat green knight in the vertex

12/5/2011 03:04:03 am

Red night 112 def rest atk

12/5/2011 03:37:21 am

results: I lost and wasn't as close as fireguard to defeat it and it escaped
Since the atk was way too powerfull and i could hit about 1 time but maybe anyone here might try it out.

12/5/2011 11:29:21 am

U tryed green armored night

12/6/2011 02:14:31 am

I don't think it would make much of a difference and the atk is shadow root which is 100 and fire is more effective but i dont have green knight sorry

12/6/2011 04:36:48 am

suri- You have to be at least lvl 52. Dread speed 3, wind mark 470 speed rest matk

Found this for high players

12/7/2011 05:08:47 am

@Cififit The stats I used for SURI probably requires high level, but they are 600SPD rest MATK with SPD3 imprint

12/7/2011 05:11:40 am

It wouldn't make much of a difference between using Green Knight and Red Knight, but the Red knight would be better against SURI. Since DARK already takes 50% damage, you can focus more on the DEF. Red Knight has 15% bonus to DEF while Green has 10% bonus to DEF.

12/9/2011 05:33:54 am

i got new stats for dread guys and their my own so these are the final stats I have finished to beat the dark warriors :) it is possible at level 44 but this requires no clan credits and no real life money 

All stats are level 45

Dread: use a wooman with 105 def and speed then 35 mdef rest magical and do not learn another special  move besides light in dark and a knowledge imprint 2 helps a lot as you level put more into intelligence

Nefarious: a bulbhead with 175 def and 95 mdef with the rest in magical attack with a power 2 imprint as you level put more into magical attack

Wicked: the same bulbhead you used to beat the green knight (70 def, 50 mdef, 70 speed, rest magical attack with def 2 imprint) but u must know flash as you level put more in magical attack

Outcast: a woodlord with 70 in each def and rest magical attack with power 2 imprint as you level put extra in magical attack

All stats need a lot of luck but do work and each level you gain your chance increases 20%
Level 45: 5%for all
Level 46: 25%for all 
Level 47: 45%for all
Level 48: 65%for all
Level 49: 85%for all
Level 50: 100%for all except dread 

I worked hard to make this for you guys :D 

12/9/2011 08:16:57 am

also in the process i found some level 47 stats to beat codi rank 53 and lower

a outcast with 480 spped and 150 magical attack and a speed 2 imprint or a mark of wind (doesnt have to be both its one or the other) my friend said it worked at level 46 for him with less speed but idk

12/10/2011 02:17:21 am

What can i use for suiri I've got fireguard and knight but don't know stats
and im lv 50 will it work at lv 50 ?
Thxns :)

12/10/2011 02:29:07 am


250 def mest matk have asult imp

12/10/2011 02:30:22 am

Ment rest

Panda bear
12/15/2011 02:50:41 am

Hi what is the stats for reindeer or any new Christmas guard to beat the dark warriors at level 42

12/17/2011 08:45:02 am

@panda bear: the lowest is 44

12/17/2011 05:35:56 pm

I'm stuck on the first red knight you fight, how do you beat it? I don't have bulbfighter but I have bulbhead, and how do you beat it at level 42? I'm only in a level one clan YOTSUBA ATTACK! so I cant get bulbfighter anytime soon.

12/18/2011 05:35:13 am

How do I beat chaos at lvl 46 without thor?
t-01 isnt working

12/18/2011 07:58:42 am

Who do I use for the second shade that has speed, and wat stats, and also what lvl do I have to be to beat it?

12/19/2011 02:45:09 am

For bulbhead you can use 215 mdef 245 matk
rest spd
@daxxtah you have to more of a higher level like at 48 it works
@ Clint
The same magiman you used on the first one
It will works just keep tryihng

12/19/2011 03:50:58 am

@moochia: i would wait for bulbfighter cuz its next to impossible even with the great stats erica gave you

@erica @daaxta: thats not true, i forget which gaurd but it wins at level 45

@clint: forget magiman! use a foorse with 304 magical attack, rest magical defense, and a speed 1 imprint and its almost 100%

12/19/2011 09:33:58 am

When I give bulbhead 215 magical defense it useshadow root and kills it in two hits.

12/20/2011 12:14:50 am

it will work you have too keep trying

12/20/2011 03:54:02 am

@moocciha and erica again: no it wont! the recourd is level 44 with a bulbhead and that was like a 0.01% chance so if level 42 is even possible it would be around a 0.0000000000000000001% chance

12/20/2011 12:08:14 pm

The record for beating the knights and Dark Dragon before imprints was LVL.42 Wooman with 1% chance

12/21/2011 05:11:38 pm

You can do it now with imprints at 42

12/22/2011 02:42:52 am

Hmm, the blog got a new look :)

12/27/2011 10:58:41 am

I have beaten the knights and all the warriors of darkness at 42 with evolved reindeer, and now im on chaos. I dont have T-01 and i am fighting the guardian of knowledge. I have 60 protection gems but only 2 screws

12/27/2011 02:10:47 pm

T-01 Flash Unit is for higher levels. I think reindeer may be able to beat it at 43

12/30/2011 09:23:51 pm

What stars for the reindeer

12/31/2011 05:19:57 am

how did you beat both of the knights with reindeer?

12/31/2011 06:35:22 am

Look at my message at Tighe45 at the bottom of the page.

mystery man
12/29/2011 07:51:28 am

Hi no one ask this question before but i think you were leader of a clan before;
my question is that my clan is slowing dieing. Not much people talk nowadays and not much people attack or protect. My leader don't no what to do really because it's about nearly all of the people there the only are active people are mainly about 10. My leader don't know what to do.I don't want to leave the clan. my leader don't know what to do and how to fixed this. I hope you answer this question.

12/29/2011 11:39:58 am

What clan are you in? I could maybe go look at it

mystery man
12/29/2011 05:25:46 pm

anime army

12/30/2011 12:21:03 pm

Hmm, what I would do is try to get more members. But not being active is not completely bad. If you look at Testing clan, you'll see why

mystery man
12/30/2011 09:46:31 pm

Thanks for helping but the problem is I don't know if my leader is getting rid of people we had a disscusion about kicking people but the problem is the excuses. Were a 20 member but i don't know if were going to stay like this. Mostly three people including me wants to be a higher level in the clan. I think we were orginally 30 people im not sure but thanks for helping.

12/30/2011 03:03:00 am

what gaurds should i use for a good team

12/30/2011 06:27:37 am

Depends really what's your current PVP team
and what's your level

12/30/2011 11:05:49 am

I accidentally deleted my pocket summoner account. I did not registered my email and password in the profile. Is there any way I can recover my account? Please help. Thanks.

12/30/2011 12:22:17 pm

If you did not register your account, then there's not really a way that riida can recover the account

12/30/2011 09:22:26 pm

Kodeplay, you said there are reindeer stats for lvl 43. I'm lvl 44 now and what are those stats? I have T-01 now but I would much prefer to use reindeer

12/31/2011 05:10:57 am

hi i need help on the green knight. i try shaneths stats but i dot have enough points to use. when i go first i could win but then it double attacks and i have a speed 1 imprint. Is there another way or do i just have to level up a lot?

12/31/2011 06:33:48 am

At lvl 43 and 42 with lots of luck these stats for evolved reindeer will work: 182 magical attack, 40 magical defense, 392 speed. Must have power 2 to add up to 182 magical attack. Works on red knight as well

12/31/2011 11:32:37 am

I'm thinking of making a new Help Blog. This one's getting kinda long

1/1/2012 07:23:31 am

you should see shadowx's

12/31/2011 09:46:15 pm

It is.

1/2/2012 05:06:46 pm

hey im hunting for green crystals. which quest route gives me the most?

1/3/2012 06:14:08 pm

I recommend buying green crystals

1/3/2012 09:34:09 am

hi im new here. i need help beating a lvl 29 red monki and lvl 38 fire broodling. im lvl 30.

1/3/2012 06:17:00 pm

Hi you can use a speed chicki
and for the fire brood Blue Trifish/Blue Foorse 110def 90mdef and rest onto matk

1/6/2012 09:23:28 am

Hi where can i get a blue foorse

1/4/2012 07:21:09 am

What are the stats for reindeer to beat chaos? @ Kodeplay

1/6/2012 12:12:21 pm

There should have been some stats posted on here ^

1/6/2012 01:24:18 pm

need help with ground broodling. im lvl 33

awsome guy 123
1/15/2012 04:13:34 am

@GG to beat ground broodling use a red crabfish 110 def and 110 mdef rest matk

1/6/2012 11:57:01 pm

i need help with stats o green and red knight im level 43

1/7/2012 08:04:04 pm

@ Tighe45 I told you before. At lvl 43 and 42 with lots of luck these stats for evolved reindeer will work: 182 magical attack, 40 magical defense, 392 speed. Must have power 2 to add up to 182 magical attack. Works on red knight as well

1/7/2012 10:26:13 pm

buut come onn i wanna soulhunter! can it work with any other guard or regular reindeer?

1/9/2012 03:37:06 am

you dont need to buy gems of protection, there is somthing called the bot and the dark summoner level 50 -_-

1/7/2012 08:34:30 pm

I looked the through the whole help blog but i cant find it. Cant you just tell me, Kodeplay?

1/8/2012 05:48:17 am

What level are you?

1/9/2012 03:39:49 am

isnt it impossible with reindeer untill like level 55?

i have level 48 t-01 and transfomed candel bear stats and then thor with assault stats

1/9/2012 07:57:39 am


1/9/2012 09:20:42 am

I mean 44 almost lvl 45

1/12/2012 03:46:30 am

there is noooooo way that you can do it at 45 with reindeer, id say 50 at lowest but level 45 with reindeer just sounds absurd to me

1/13/2012 01:40:42 am

I think you can do it at 45 with endurance transformed reindeer takes a lot of luck like 1% perhaps.

1/13/2012 05:24:34 am

but with what stats? also you could problably do that withcandel bear with endurance

1/13/2012 05:35:34 am

how do i enter that contest where yo make your own gaurd and how do i make it?

1/13/2012 08:16:39 am

More details will be provided as February approaches.

1/14/2012 12:18:35 pm

This Blog will be closed in a week. It will remain on the site, just you cannot chat on it. If you have questions, please answer on the Help Blog 2012. If you are answering someone's question, you may do so.

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